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Shanghai Wantai Aluminum Co.,Ltd was founded in 2000.
After several years' development, by 2008,we have grown up from an aluminum manufacturer to be a comprehensive enterprise integrating aluminum ingot , auto parts, aluminum liquid direct-supply, renewable resource recycling.
With full advantage of these linked four core businesses, SWT will achieve industry integration and develop resources recycling to realize the dream of creating value for customer and creating happiness for employee.


Lower Class

Class 6 bearing cap

Class 5 bearing cap

Class 4 bearing cap


Shanghai wantai auto parts co., ltd. is recognized as a small giant enterprise of Shanghai science and technology
Car constitute
2017-11-23 10:14
Car generally by the engine, chassis, body and electrical equipment four basic components, so the car parts are out of these four sections. Engine, the engine is the car's power plant. Its role is to
Motor Trend
2017-11-23 10:13
In recent years, the introduction of the " Automobile Industry Development Policy ", " automobile industry restructuring and revitalization plan ," " on the promotion of China's auto exports sustained