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About us

Cosmos Aluminium
Company Overview
Shanghai Wantai Aluminum Co.,Ltd was founded in 2000.
After several years' development, by 2008,we have grown up from an aluminum manufacturer to be a comprehensive enterprise integrating aluminum ingot , auto parts, aluminum liquid direct-supply, renewable resource recycling.
With full advantage of these linked four core businesses, SWT will achieve industry integration and develop resources recycling to realize the dream of creating value for customer and creating happiness for employee.
Registered capital: RMB 60,000,000
Area: 68,000 square meters
Building Area: 23691.84 square meters
Number of employees: 270
Production capacity: 60,000 tons of aluminum ingots /50 ,000 tons of Aluminum liquid direct-supply (in 2011)
Annual output: RMB 1,100,000,000 (2011)。
1987 Wantai Aluminum was built in Yongkang, Zhejiang, China
1990 Enter into the field of aluminum ingot used in auto
1998 Wantai Aluminum achieved the certificate of the ISO9000
2000 Shanghai Wantai Aluminum Co., Ltd was built
2003 Shanghai Wantai Automotive Company Co.,Ltd was built
2005 Shanghai Wantai Aluminum Co.,Ltd achieved the certificate of ISO/TS16949:2002
2007 Anhui Wantai Aluminum Co.,Ltd was built
2008 The item of Shanghai Cosmopolitan aluminum Direct-Supply formally put into production
2010 The item of Shanghai KS aluminum Direct-Supply formally put into production
2011 The item of Shanghai Wantai Automobile Componentsaluminum Direct-Supply formally put into production
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Name:Shanghai Wantai Aluminum Co.,Ltd
Address:Town, Qingpu District, Shanghai Lian Zhang liantang Road No. 577