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About us

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Company Overview
S.W.T is a company invested by Shanghai Wantai Aluminum Co.,Ltd (S.W.A.C.) and manufactures the Alu-Alloy automobile component professionally.
S.W.T specialized in die-casting, gravity casting, low pressure casting, squeeze casting and OEM for automotive, electrical appliances industry with aluminum parts and also have the ability of machining.
S.W.T integrated the advanced technology in casting from S.W.T with rich experience in raw materials from S.W.A.C, covering melting, casting, machining on the basis of complementary advantages
Location: Liantang industrial Qingpu District
Plant Area:35353sq
1987 Wantai Aluminum Established
2000 Shanghai Wantai Aluminum Establish
2003 Shanghai Wantai Automobile Components Co.,Ltd
2004 SWT Certified QS9000
2004 SWT Started Gravity Casting
2005 Become the tier 1 supplier for SAIC
2007 Certified TS16949 2002
2007 Become the tier 1 supplier for SVW、SGM
2009 Sales achieved 100M and Die casting production tonnage achieved 4,500 ton.
2009 Started the low pressure casting process
2011 Sales Revenue reached more than 200M RMB
Contact Us
Name:Shanghai Wantai Automobile Components Co.,Ltd
Address:Town, Qingpu District, Shanghai Lian Zhang liantang Road No. 577