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Finance/cost accounting
1. Responsible for cost calculation and accounting, inventory checking at the end of each month, cost data checking and accounting.
2. Responsible for accounting and management of the company's fixed assets to ensure accurate accounting and consistent accounts.
3. Preparation of relevant materials, product purchase, sales and storage, sales vouchers, and accurate accounts.
4. Formulate cost control plan and supervise its implementation according to relevant provisions of the company's financial system.
5. Timely prepare the relevant documents of the enterprise's value-added tax payment, so as to ensure the accuracy of the data.
6. Prepare monthly reports on business and assets receivable and payable (management of claims and debts).
7. Keep accounting vouchers, accounts, tables and other materials well, bind them into a book at the end of the year, make a catalogue and keep them in archives.
Job specification:
College degree or equivalent with systematic knowledge of the industry.
2. Major in management and accounting.
3. Proficient in the process of enterprise financial management.
4. Able to write work reports and have strong language skills.