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The central enterprises to strengthen basic management site meetings held in the CSWA

Aluminum industry is the only one mineral resource utilization demonstration base in Guangxi Branch of China Aluminum Industry

Su Bo, vice minister of the Ministry of Industry to the aluminum company research

Deepening promotion management to enhance operational transformation

Aluminum Corporation of China signed a cooperation agreement with Chongqing

National Defense study class teaching in the aluminum company site

Chinalco session of Congress and a staff work conference held in 2013

Open to accelerate market-oriented reform and restructuring and development to create a new situation

January 13, 2013 to 14, the aluminum company a session once Congress and 2013 employees work conference held in Beijing. The chairman of state-owned large enterprises YAN Ke Qing, State Department counselor , China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association, Chen Quan Xun attended the meeting and made ​​a speech respectively . Chinalco general manager and Party secretary Mr Xiong learn to convey the central economic work conference and the spirit of the meeting of heads of central enterprises , and make 2013 work report. Central Organization Department , the State Council , the SASAC, large state-owned enterprises related to leadership and Supervisory Chinalco party members, members of the management Ao Hong , Liu Cai Ming , Zhang Chengzhong , Ren Xudong , Zhao Zhao, Liu Xiangmin , Liu Biwei , vice president of China Aluminum Ding Haiyan Jiang Yinggang , Xie Hong , Qiao Guiling , assistant general manager of Chinalco SONG Lai cases , Xie Wei Zhi , Puxiao Ou , assistant president of China Aluminum Xu Bo attended the meeting.

Chinalco party members, China Aluminum CEO Luo Jianchuan chaired the meeting.

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