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In recent years, the introduction of the " Automobile Industry Development Policy ", " automobile industry restructuring and revitalization plan ," " on the promotion of China's auto exports sustained and healthy development of opinions" and other policies to support critical automotive components industry , foster a number of comparative advantages scale production and parts enterprises to enter the international auto parts procurement system , and actively reference to international competition ; encourage automobile manufacturers supporting the internal parts manufacturing units gradually adjust socially oriented independent professional parts production enterprises ; national support auto parts enterprises to establish R & D institutions , the formation of product innovation and self-development capacity ; encourage enterprises to actively participate vehicle auto parts enterprise product development work ; support the establishment of a professional mold design and manufacturing center , improve the car mold design and manufacturing capabilities. From the present situation , since 2012, its own brand auto parts business survival more difficult , as the slowdown in vehicle sales , market growth is limited ; strong rise of multinational corporations in China , the competition is more intense, especially in tough parts enterprises own brand . Estimated that from 2013 onwards the auto parts industry will be gradually integrated into the development stage , and will also show the following trends: First, there will be a large number of own-brand parts enterprises to seek a breakthrough , painstaking research and development of new products to respond to future market development.

Second, China's auto parts enterprises overseas acquisitions behavior will gradually increase, parts enterprises will be encouraged by the government and the competent departments worldwide investment in mergers and acquisitions, integration of resources, conduct research, development, production and marketing activities, fostering international brands .

Third, the Chinese auto parts exports continued to increase, but the price of raw materials and labor costs are low advantage is disappearing, coupled with increased international trade friction, China's auto parts exports will henceforth bring no small challenge.

Fourth, foreign multinational auto parts enterprises in China a strong assault, continue to increase investment in China and the pace of construction.

Five zero the whole relationship (and automobile parts enterprises) and contradictions are still large room for improvement. With the slowdown in growth this year, car sales, spare parts, showing intense competition in the market trend. Vehicle parts business enterprises exploit the phenomenon is always more prominent, the industry has a profound understanding of the whole problem of zero harm and the need for coordinated development of both sides.

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