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Car constitute

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Car generally by the engine, chassis, body and electrical equipment four basic components, so the car parts are out of these four sections. Engine, the engine is the car's power plant. Its role is to make the fuel combustion to produce power, and then through the driving wheels of the chassis drive cars. Engines are mainly two kinds of gasoline and diesel engines. Gasoline engine with crank, valve and fuel supply system, cooling system, lubrication system, ignition system, starting system components. The ignition of the diesel engine compression ignition, so no ignition system.

Chassis, chassis role is to support, install car engine and its various parts, assembly, forming the overall shape of the car, and accept the power of the engine, making the car in motion, to ensure normal driving. Chassis by the drive system, driving system, steering system and brake system four parts. Body, body mounted on the chassis frame to the driver, passengers ride or load cargo. Cars, buses are generally the overall structure of the body, truck cab and the body is generally made of two parts container.

Electrical equipment, electrical equipment and electrical equipment from the power of two parts. Including battery and generator power. Electrical equipment, including the engine starting system, gasoline engine ignition system and other electrical devices.

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