Machining manager










1. Responsible for the safety education of the department staff, guiding the workshop staff to operate the equipment safely, strengthening the safety management of the workshop, and ensuring the safety of the workshop without accidents.

2. Check and supervise the staff of the department to strictly implement the safety operation rules and prevent safety accidents. At least once a day to the department staff is correct to wear protective equipment inspection. At least once a week for the department's safety problems, and timely report and deal with.

3. Responsible for the quality control in the machining process, the inspection of the previous process and the self-inspection of this process, and the strict implementation of product quality standards to ensure the realization of quality objectives

4. Supervise the regular maintenance, spot inspection and verification of gas sealing equipment, assembly line, measuring instruments and all kinds of tooling.

5. Responsible for the effective management of abnormal change points in the department, and track and confirm abnormal change points every day. Dimensions must be confirmed after tool replacement and process adjustment.

6. According to the production plan issued by the production management section of the manufacturing department, organize the preparation of tools, measuring tools, cutting tools, tooling fixtures and process documents required before production. Daily check and supervise the 5S site management of the undergraduate office.