Finance/cost accounting









Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for cost calculation and accounting, monthly month-end inventory, cost data verification and accounting.
2. Responsible for the accounting and management of the company's fixed assets, so as to achieve accurate accounting and consistent accounts.
3. The relevant materials, product purchase, sale and inventory, sales vouchers are prepared, and the accounts are accurate.
4. According to the relevant provisions of the company's financial system, formulate a cost control plan and supervise its implementation.
5. Prepare the relevant materials of the enterprise's VAT tax in a timely manner to ensure that the data is accurate.
6. Make a monthly statement of business and material receivables and payables (management of claims and debts).
7. Keep the accounting vouchers, accounts, tables and other materials, and bind them into a catalogue at the end of the year for file safekeeping.

Job requirements:

1 College degree or equivalent, master the system knowledge of the industry.
2 Management, accounting major.
3. Proficient in the process of corporate financial management.
4. Able to write work reports and have strong language skills.